Frank Rehberger


My first computer in 1988/89 was Schneider/Amstrad PC 1640 with Intel 8086 and 640 KByte memory and 16 Color EGA graphics with little sound. Starting with dataphone Modem 300 Baud, upgrading to 2400 Baud Modem in 1991. My local Z-Net mailbox provider was using Amiga-OS, 3 phone lines. Those days my favored e-mail agent was X-Term (CrossTerm) for M$-DOS-3.3; did my first programming with Turbo-Pascal-3.3.

Did my first Linux Installation in 1994, based on 20 floppy disk Slackware-Distribution, switched over to SuSE/Linux, and later to Redhat/Linux, recently to Debian/Linux.


Working for, with focus on CORBA/IIOP and .NET/SOAP. In my spare time I am contributing code and enhancements for some OpenSource projects like robocup, ORBit2 and amanda.

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Frank Rehberger
created 3 Apr 2004;
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